Academic Self-Assessment Tool

The College of Applied Biology (the College), in partnership with the British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training created the following Self-Assessment tool to assist potential applicants in determining if their education will meet the academic requirements necessary to begin the Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) certification process1. The tool has two sections: a competency overview and a post-secondary course calculator. The purpose of this tool is to provide information to the applicant. Meeting all the requirements outlined in this tool will not guarantee certification as a RPBio. 

Membership in the College as a Biologist in Training (BIT) or a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) requires a degree with 25 science courses, 13 of which must be in biology. Mandatory courses at the second year or higher include applied biology, ecology, and statistics. In addition courses in two of three subject areas of systematics, cellular biology, and organismal biology are required.

The information must be verified by the Credentials Committee during the assessment of your application package.

The competency overview will provide you with information on the seven academic competencies the College requires and the corresponding skill, ability, training or knowledge required for each competency. You will then have the opportunity to reflect on your course work to assess if you possess the skill, ability, training or knowledge outlined. Alternatively, if you are planning your education, the tool will help you identify what courses or electives you may need to take in order to possess these competencies upon graduation.

The post–secondary course calculator allows you to input the courses that you have taken, or are planning to take, and see if you would meet the College’s course requirement. If you are missing courses, the calculator will highlight these for you.


Section 1

  • 1.0 – Competencies
  • 1.1 – Ecology
  • 1.2 – Applied Biology
  • 1.3 - Statistics
  • 1.4 - Systematics or Classification
  • 1.5 - Cellular
  • 1.6 – Organismal Biology
    • 1.6.1 – Organismal Physiology: Option 1 – Cell Physiology
    • 1.6.2 – Organismal Physiology: Option 2 – Animal Physiology
    • 1.6.3 – Organismal Physiology: Option 3 – Plant Physiology
  • 1.7 – Communications

Section 2

  • 2.0 – Course Requirements
  • 2.1 – Biology Courses
  • 2.2 – Chemistry Course
  • 2.3 – Mathematics Course
  • 2.4 – Other Science Courses

1Please note that certification as a RPBio is granted after a review of post-secondary educations, professional reports, and professional experience. This tool only addresses the academic component of this review.

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